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  • How do I wash my breast pads?
    Add your breast pads to your normal wash. You can put them inside a wash bag if you want to keep them all together). Add detergent Do not add any fabric conditioner as this breaks down the waterproofing layer of the pads over time. Once your washing has finished pull the breast pads back into shape. Place the pads with the 'WHITE SIDE UP' on a radiator or ridged surface to allow the water to drain down. Reuse again and again. NOTE- The white side is the waterproof layer so if it is facing down when drying, the water will simply pool inside the pad.
  • Do I need a wash bag?
    In short... yes We recommend that you wash your pads in a wash bag because they can fold up inside your machine and in rare cases they have been known to enter the filter and block this. Any wash bag is suitable however we do sell an awesome breast print bag that would be perfect for this :)
  • How many breast pads do I need to buy?
    If you are exclusively breastfeeding then we would recommend at least 12 pads to allow for washing and drying times. Depending on your supply, you will use approximately 3 pairs a day.
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    Yes! All of our products are available wholesale with a minimum order quantity of 20 units. We can also customise any product and work with you to develop you own unique product. Please drop us a message or email to chat further.
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