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Navy 'This Side Next' Band

Navy 'This Side Next' Band


Introducing the essential accessory for new mums - the "This Side Next" band. This ingenious band is designed to help breastfeeding mums keep track of which breast they last fed from, making the feeding process easier and more organised.

Crafted from soft and stretchy material, the "This Side Next" band is comfortable to wear and fits all wrist sizes so you won't have to worry about it slipping or sliding during feeding times.

Using the "This Side Next" band is simple - just slip it over your wrist. As you begin feeding from one breast, slide the band to the opposite wrist, indicating which breast to feed from next. The band is discreet and low-profile, so you can wear it anywhere without feeling self-conscious.

This product is an essential tool for any breastfeeding mum, particularly through those sleepy night-time feeds.  The "This Side Next" band is a practical and affordable solution that will make your breastfeeding journey more efficient and stress-free, ensuring that your baby receives the nourishment they need.


The band measures 15mm wide and approximately 16cm interior circumference when the elastic is relaxed.
If you would like a larger or small circumference then please include the measurements in your order.



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